The Federation of Indian Physician Association, FIPA has been established to facilitate the aspirations of 21st Century physicians of Indian origin. The objectives are to engage Indian physicians, help them pursue their professional and community work.

Right from inception, our motto is to ensure more involvement of physicians from India to have interest in young generation mentorship.  We are raising donations for charitable work and fight for patient/physician rights.

FIPA respects, keeps cognizance of the contribution of Indian physicians to the North American and other healthcare systems. Coming from a land of multilingual tongue, India, a symbol of cultural brotherhood, we strongly believe in “Unity in Diversity”.

FIPA has been functioning with great responsibility in improving the public health system in North America and also globally. At present, we are committed to contribute excellence in:  Academic/ Education, Charitable, Legislative, Financial Literacy, Mentorship programs for next generation, Entrepreneurial and skill development.

Helping Indian Physicians Come Together


Our mission is to create a platform for discussions, sharing of ideas and engagement between Indian physicians coming from diverse sections. FIPA aims to create a forum that protects the interests of Indian physicians who come in contact with Indian and Non-Indian healthcare institutions. 


We help Indo American physicians excel in delivering patient care, give them a platform for upgrading their mentorship skills. FIPA believes in a strong exchange of ideas to mentor young physicians.


Our goal is to advocate for professional freedom with the highest form of ethics. Also, we develop interest in expanding involvement to community service.



FIPA aims to stay current with the present and future legislative as well as regulatory changes impacting medicine. We will look to protect the interests of Indian physicians in all their professional discourse. 

We strongly recommends a shared vision, a conglomerate of ideas enhancing the healthcare system. Professional pride is critical in field of medicine! We advocate a strong collective approach that brings about definitive change for the progress of medicine science for human welfare.


FIPA envisions a collaborative teamwork effort among Indian physicians to assert equal protection in performing professional duties.


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